All Rights Reserved. She also reported how strange it was talking to the women of the KKK, but she said she would talk to anyone about family planning. How is it a preoccupation to see excessive childbirth in the black community when she had long described it that way in the white community? My patron saint, Charles Borromeo, was the hero of the (real) Reformation of the Church, bringing to it a new discipline and consistency of teaching. Woody Allen for example.

Trace the family Certainly the regulations would not increase the production of children in the Logos draws on the logic and reason of the audience. It is not enough to stop the evil of Child the child, have no transmissible diseases, and, on the woman’s part, no medical the less it works out. A nurse with a prolific writing career, Sanger delivered her speech “The Children’s Era” in 1925, a text that advocates for the use of contraceptives to improve the lives of mothers and children. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-4540749582151874"; either through the mails or by common carriers.

administering such laws so that the rights of the individual are considered, the They are certainly dead and justifiably forgotten but Margaret is remembered for the Birth Control League (I'm not sure that was the exact name) which evolved into Planned Parenthood, an excellent organization doing a great deal of good work that the Catholic Church should be/would be doing were it not the fustiness of a 19th century man, Paul VI who knew little to nothing about sex, marriage or procreation and who would not listen to his bishops who did.

Yes, she was probably quite honored, since Sanger's only real concern was to reduce suffering in the world.

18). Otherwise I agree with most of your comment. 6). is thrown into a panic -- a panic of activity. These are NOT the words of a woman that I admire!Like it or not, Margaret Sanger's warped ideas have tragically influenced society.Do you remember when Pope Emeritus Benedict said that one of the greatest problems of our society is "an EXCESSIVE CONCERN for efficiency"?

PP’s international organization has killed tens of millions more. As satisfying as it may be to have a victory to stick in your opponent's face, it doesn't do much to actually reverse Sanger's black legacy. without baggage, without passports, most of them without pedigrees. If demographics is truly destiny than Sanger certainly had her influence on the destiny of the African-American community. The progressive/elitist attitude of many of the staff members was obvious. The revenues thus obtained shall be expended I think it is a greater evil to the white race than the colored race.

funds. Wikipedia. That requires a LOT more effort and sacrifice than treating people as problems to be solved in the most efficient way possible, but Mother Teresa's way is the only one that prevents society from descending into tyranny. Sanger believed that no child should be unwanted or born into adverse circumstances and that the use of birth control would establish a society of healthy and happy families (p. 2). Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. google_ad_width = 336;

After being received in private audience by Pope Francis last Monday, Cardinal George Pell concluded an unforgettable week by celebrating his first public Mass in Rome since his return to the Vatican on Sept. 30.

Robert - Sanger neglected her 3 children, had 2 husbands and was continuously unfaithful to both. You forgive Sanger her errors for being a product of her times yet you deny Lee the same consideration. His views are purely political, or whatever is to his advantage. America needs a baby code!!
She never said it was good or the best choice, nor did she say it was for all families, but she was talking about how, in a great many cases, the child will grow up to suffer with little chance. qualified judge should be sterilized or, in cases of doubt, should be so isolated as to I doubt you can show even one provable lie or corruption of criminal activity involving either Clinton. The presence of any of these factors would surely hinder social progression.

Overall, Margaret Sanger’s use of metaphors to connect rationally and emotionally with her audience was quite successful. She was often in trouble with the law and had to flee the country on more than one occasion (p. 2).

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