FOR YOU courses of "EXPERIENCED ENGLISH" from November till January!

Plán kurzů FOR YOU "Zážitková angličtina" od listopadu do ledna!

27th November, 4th December, 8th January, 29th January
WEEKEND COURSES with DITA  - Meeting of students who like spending time together, speaking only in English (it is better if you already speak a little English) - it's a great practice just to talk about life, traveling, food,..the most important things for us. We play games, eat good food, drink a good wine...

How long? 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
How much? 550,- 
Capacity? 4 to 8 students (A2 to B1)

every Tuesday
Tuesday Pub Evenings with Aaron - you can come every Tuesday evening to Black House pub for a beer with our native speaker Aaron. Maybe you know him, maybe not. It doesn't matter. He is a cool guy who likes speaking about anything and he is gonna correct your English if you want. 

Where? Black House Pub
How long? 2 hours (8 to 10 p.m.)
How much? 800,- each month as a deposit (drinks are on your own costs)
Capacity? 4 to 8 people (communication level)


Tasting of Wine - a nice social event where you can taste a few different kinds of wine and at the same time you speak English - not only about wine but about anything. You will taste some cheese, sausage or other snack which come with wine. 

Cooking with Kids - (7 to 10 years of all levels) - "JUNIOR MASTERCHEF" - each child will prepare meal with a recipe. The lecturer is only English speaking so they will listen and follow her instructions. She will show them everything so they will see it too. They can bring the rest of food home. 


Reading of the newspaper - lesson with native speaker. The main idea is to learn how we can read articles, how is grammar important there or not. We will speak about each article too. We can give you some tips. If you like reading, come please.

Baking with Kids (7 to 10 years of all levels) - "BAKE WITH ME" - each child will participate in Baking of Christmas Cookies. At the same time they will hear instructions in English but they can also copy the teacher. They will learn basic words for Christmas. They can bring some sweets home - maybe. 

Tasting of Beer - a nice social event for beer fans. We are going to have about 10 different brands of beer to taste and of course some snack with it. We will speak about taste of each beer, we will decide what is the best and the worst of them and why. We do not have to speak only about beer but about many other topics. 


Life in New Zealand and Australia - Alena has been living there for 7 years. She can tell you all about the life there, the sights, recommendation what to do, what to eat and drink, where to go, what you can expect. You can have discussion, ask questions. You may learn a little bit of Australian accent from her. 

Pronounciation -  What will you learn there? The right pronounciation of English vowels (samohlásky) and consonants (souhlásky), concentration on minimal pairs (words which differ by only one phone - hláska), the most complicated English words for Czech people, fluency in English.

Maturita Testing – we can say it’ll be very useful for students who are going to have their maturita next year. With the lecturer you are going to go through task by task of the didactic test so you’ll know immediately on what you should focus and how to work with the test.

Life in America
 – Pavlína has been living in America for 20 years. Are you interested in any information about American people? Would you like to get some interesting information about the country, about things you cannot read in the newspaper or guess from TV news? Do you like American accent?