REAL English Camp with Aaron Afu-ra Phillip

English Camp for Teenagers!

Real English Camp will Focus on all the English that was learnt at school and in life plus more.  

Helping Students speak with more confidence and understanding. During Real Camp students will have fun everyday playing games, speaking & listening being an active part. 

- Physical movement / activity Games 

Thinking & Development activities 
- Speaking, listening, Reading Writing and Expressing ourselves in English.  


1.) Morning Exercise, streching to loosen up the body, vocal warm up to loosen the speech muscles. Listening to Music of choice.

2.) Snack

3.) Speaking listening to conversation and writing practice. (Based on a Topic)

4.) Snack

5.) Daily English activity Game

6.) Cool down Artwork....

(Based on same Topic) 

Topics will be on Nature, Fun Activities, Culture, Emotions.  

As well we will have small breakdowns on typically used English grammar at school and put them to use in the normal natural speaking way to help students be a bit more natural until level of speaking English. 

·       When? 14th August – 18th August 

·       What time? 8 am till 12 

·       How much? 3 100 Kč without VAT


For more information or application write to [email protected] or call +420 724 830 961.